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Alaska Ulus
The alaskan ulu for sale.

Alaska Ulu and Chopping Bowl Set. Made in Alaska (pictured).


a $32.99 value

Alaska Jewelry and Carvings

2 Alaskan soapsten figures of native alaskans.

Authentic Alaska jewelry and carvings: gold nugget, jade, soapstone, whale bone, moose antler.

Cabin Decor

Interior shot of the store showing shirts and a large moose mount.

Cabin décor and unique home furnishings, including birch wood items and Big Sky carvings.

Alaska foods
A box of processed salmon and a matching sweatshirt.

16 oz. of Wild Alaska Smoked Salmon Filet (pictured).


a $29.99 value

Alaska clothing
Interior of the store showing sweatshirts for sale.

Top quality Alaska apparel for great value, including embroidered sweatshirts, hats and jackets.

Alaska artwork

Bears hand carved trying to catch salmon.

Artwork that captures the spirit of Alaska’s land and people, including wildlife sculptures and totems.

Gifts for all ages

2 girls holding stuffed moose dolls.

Children’s souvenir section, including Alaska stuffed animals, shirts, toys, books and games.

Kids' shirts start at


Big Sky Bears

Big sky bears made out of wood.

Big Sky Bears – hand carved collectables to commemorate one of Alaska’s most beloved animals.

Snow babies and more

A picture of soapstone Snow Babies item

A wide variety of collectable gifts featuring a large selection of Snow Babies.

Alaska hats

Alaska hats for all seasons - great selection, quality and value.

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Alaska T-Shirts

Alaska T-shirts - huge selection of Alaska T-shirts, including embroidered, screened, childrens and plus sizes.

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